September 13, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Damaged The Weathered & Worn Model Magazine Issue 2

Damaged - Weathered & Worn - Model Magazine - Issue 2 (ref. ABT-702) The highly positive reception of the premier of Damaged magazine gave the guys at Abt. 502 extra motivation to prepare an even better follow-up…Issue 2…where you will again find comprehensive articles dealing with a variety of subjects from different modeling genres. In this issue you will learn how to paint and weather a piece of construction equipment, a Gundam mobile suit or an X-Wing fighter, as well as how to create a sea base or a Walking Dead scene.
What makes Damaged different from other magazines, are its unique contents and a stated goal  to explain the techniques used by the best modelers from around the world, show that modeling and weathering have many faces across many modeling genres.

Issue 2 page samples...

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Damaged Weathered & Worn Model Magazine is the new magazine from Abteilung 502/AK Interactive. Fernando Vallejo, AK's president has conceived this new publication as a personal challenge to show modelers the infinite possibilities this great hobby has to offer. A new way of thinking shaped along with the world’s best modelers.

This new publication wants to show modelers how to weather any type of subject, under any circumstance with various effects. Fernando Vallejo takes matters into his own hands and selects all the modelers to showcase their best models, creations and special curiosities. Inside this magazine you can find various subjects ranging from trucks, ships, tanks, trains to spaceships. Damaged is the NEW manual for weathered and worn models.
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