February 20, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints

MMP Acrylics are simply put, the acrylic airbrush ready paint we've all been waiting for. No more messing with lacquer thinner! Just a few drops of their thinner plus a few more of the optional MMP polyurethane add-in (reduces tip dry and increases durability, cures to an eggshell finish) and your paint will come out beautifully smooth. There are no additional additives to MMP paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

We are proud to offer a simple and complete finishing system that  provides what you need to achieve your goals without the complexity of unnecessary products and confusion. Keep an eye out as our line will grow on a regular basis. All products are manufactured in the USA.

President, Mission Models
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The Mission Models Paint System (MMP) 

The Mission Models acrylic line of paint is non-solvent based and odorless. “We have invested hours of time researching and developing this new line to meet our high standards and the ability to offer the best paints for scale modelers and graphic artists.” Mission Models paints incorporate the finest ground and highest quality pigments for maximum opacity, lightfast and will not fade over time. The Formula is triple pigmented and does not include any additional thinners or reducers which in time can cause a break down of the paint and diminish shelf life and quality. Because the paint is triple pigmented and ultra fine you will find that MMP offers superior and beautiful coverage utilizing thin coats from the airbrush. Due to the fact that the pigments are so fine spraying through airbrushes with .015 and .2 needles found on many airbrushes is not a problem as with so many other hobby paints.

Mission Models paints are airbrush ready and can spray straight from the bottle with no issue and minimal tip dry. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint.  “We do recommend adding one or two drops of our Polyurethane Intermix when spraying straight from the bottle for enhanced flow and slower drying time when atomizing from the airbrush tip.” MMP have extensively tested in all conditions from winter cold to 105 degrees with 90% humidity with virtually no tip dry and no clogging of the airbrush. Although our paint is designed for airbrushing but also ideal for brush painting. Mission Models Paints will accept all manufactures clear coats with out conflict. Oil and enamel rendering, tinting and washes will pose no problems.

Check out the smooth fine finish...German Field Grey MMP-046 + 2 drops of
MMP Polyurethane Intermix over Grey Primer MMS-003.

Mission Models offer their own Thinner which is technically a reducer. The acrylic Thinner/Reducer acts as two different products. It is your Thinner and your airbrush cleaner. Many other products on the market require a separate reducer, flow enhancer, thinner and AB cleaner. Not these. Simply add the thinner to your paint, mix to the recommended ratio os 20 to 30% to 1 ( 2 or 3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint) and your done. Although the paint performs flawlessly straight from the bottle thinning it down with MMP Thinner / Reducer brings out the best.  MMP thinner is also your airbrush cleaner. It is NON ammonia based and will not strip the finish off your tools.

Polyurethane Intermix 
In addition to MMP Thinner we also have our Acrylic Polyurethane Mix. The MMP poly mix is an automotive grade additive and an integral part of your system.  Like the paint it is very easy to use.“ After thinning your paint with our thinner flip the cap on the poly with your thumb turn the bottle completely upside down (creates a vacuum effect in the bottle) and squeeze out a few drops into the paint and mix. One or two drops is all you need. For best results we highly recommend stirring the Poly and Thinner in your mixing cup. DO not shake. The poly additive is beneficial as it increases durability, sanding properties and further Leveling. You do not need to use the poly to make the paint work as intended but adding the poly to your reduced paint will give you increased and unbelievable museum quality results. MMP Polyurethane will slow the drying time so less is more. If you add too much Poly the paint will dry slower. Don't worry it will dry it will just take longer. We prefer to add one or two drops of Polyurethane to the paint when spraying straight from the bottle.  There is no need to add poly to our primer. 

Mission Models acrylic primers are also very easy to use. “Thin using our thinner ONLY. No substitutes period. Our primers need to be activated. Mixing in our thinner will instantly activate the primer. There are no tricks.  Our primer is acrylic and also non solvent based. Activating the primer will not turn it hot and will not damage any materials at all. The primer must be thinned for proper performance and leveling.” Mix it like you would mix paint. 20 to 30 % ( 2 or 3 drops thinner to 10 drops paint ) You do not have to do any thing different. We do not recommend spraying straight from the bottle as the primer is thick so must be thinned. Your airbrush can be rinsed with water and then final spray though though with MMP thinner. MMP primer is dry to the touch in about 15 minutes and dries super smooth and incredibly durable. No sanding required.

Clean up is easy with water, but MMP Thinner is the preferred method for total clean up.

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MMP Black Primer MMS-001 and Thinner MMA-002 
Click to enlarge. Release 1 Colors... Round 2 coming soon.

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