January 13, 2016

BEST OF 2015! AK Interactive Xtreme Metal

Ak Interactive has added 13 new Xtreme Metal colors to the current range bringing the total  to 22 colors. A new book Metallics Vol. 1- Ak Learning Series no. 4 this also now available and is a valuable guide to working with metallics. For those of you not familiar with the Xtreme paint range this is is a super high quality metallic paint, developed with outstanding pigments, and specially formulated to give you the best results. Resistant to masking, any type of weathering, with ultra high coverage power, and fast drying. Now it’s easy to clean your airbrush without leaving any pigment/paint debris. These are quite simply the highest quality metallic paints ever seen.

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From AK...

Xtreme Metal Metallic paints are developed to specifically cater to the needs of modelers by
meeting both their requirements and working properties. They are designed to achieve brightness and ultra-realistic appearance, both on injected plastic and polycarbonate resins, etc. We have given importance not only to the metallic appearance and sheen that is possible, but also to its resistance to masking, coverage power even in extreme conditions, and also to resistance from aggressive weathering processes. These are ultimately the requirements demanded by the most fussy of modelers

Xtreme Metal 
all come in 30ml bottles
AKI-470 Xtreme Cleaner for Xtreme Metal Range 100ml Bottle
AKI-471 Xtreme Metal Satin Black Base 
AKI-472 Xtreme Metal Gold Metallic Paint
AKI-473 Xtreme Metal Copper Metallic Paint
AKI-474 Xtreme Metal Bronze Metallic Paint
AKI-475 Xtreme Metal Brass Metallic Paint
AKI-476 Xtreme Metal Steel Metallic Paint 
AKI-477 Xtreme Metal Chrome Metallic Paint 
AKI-478 Xtreme Metal White Aluminum Metallic Paint
AKI-479 Xtreme Metal Aluminum Metallic Paint
AKI-480 Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminum Metallic Paint
AKI-481 Xtreme Metal Polished Aluminum Metallic Paint
AKI-482 Xtreme Metal Duraluminum Metallic Paint 
AKI-483 Xtreme Metal Gun Metal Metallic Paint
AKI-484 Xtreme Metal Burnt Metal Metallic Paint 
AKI-485 Xtreme Metal Pale Burnt Metal Metallic Paint
AKI-486 Xtreme Metal Jet Exhaust Metallic Paint 
AKI-487 Xtreme Metal Blue Electric Metallic Paint
AKI-488 Xtreme Metal Bright Black Base
AKI-669 Xtreme Metal Titanium
AKI-670 Xtreme Metal Stainless Steel
AKI-671 Xtreme Metal Metallic Smoke
AKI-672 Xtreme Metal Pale Brass
AKI-674 Xtreme Metal Metallic Purple

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