May 29, 2013

Links & Web Gems - JBA Diorama Worth a Visit!

JBA Diorama is Jean-Bernard André of France. Here you find his unique visions of modeling and the building of his dioramas. This site if full of tips, tricks and step-by-step guides to Jean-Bernard's wonderful dioramas. There is also a Galilée step by step video covering the making of photo-etched, soldering and other techniques. Anyone into modeling will find something inspiring and of  interest here.  Check out Jean-Bernards 13 point philosophy of dioramas on his 'About' page.

May 26, 2013

Modeler’s Guide to the Sherman- A Project So Big it's been split into multiple volumes under the banner of “Son of Sherman.”

Now available from our friends at Ampersand Publishing is...Son of Sherman Vol. 1: The Sherman Design & Development. A complete and illustrated description of the U.S. M4 Sherman tank series in the Second World War
The first of three volumes is 386 pages, soft cover 8.5x11 format  and includes over 900 b&w and color photographs. Written and edited by Patrick Stansell and Kurt Laughlin. Based on original material created by Pete Harlem

This brand new book is composed of lavishly illustrated and comprehensive essays on:
• Each Sherman type by factory with sub-sections on large small hatch
• All 75mm turret types
• All 76mm turret types
• Final drive assemblies
• Running gear (suspension and tracks)
• The factories that built the Sherman
• Transporting the Sherman to the battlefield
• Appliqué armor and the remanufacturing process
• Production and registration data
Including an extensive Bibliography and index

May 24, 2013

TGIF! Go Old School this weekend and visit your local Toy Soldier Shop! Support Brick & Mortar Stores!

COOL SITE OF THE DAY Massive Voodoo! The Happy Painting Jungle

From how to sculpt tiny books to how to make hanging plants to working with Vallejo putty 401 you will find a mind numbing amount of how to's and tutorials at Massive Voodoo. This is one of the most fun and informative sites I've come across yet. Fantasy, historical you name it. It's here. A must not miss site for anyone interested in building, painting and displaying figures. Don't miss Massive Voodoo TV while you are there.

How they see themselves...
The jungle of MASSIVE VOODOO where some Apes share their thoughts and ideas around their beloved passion, the hobby of miniature painting and sculpting. Feel invited to check the jungle for tons of articles, interesting tutorials, creative competitions and the simple joy of happy painting hidden behind every tree. We hope that everyone finds his own banana in here, if not do not hesitate to ask the Apes and we are happy about everyone posting in here with us via comment to make this place the jungle it will be in the future. 

May 21, 2013

TSSD "Sneak Leak" New Set of Plastic Figures

Nick at TSSD has leaked that the next set of plastic figures will be all new Alamo figures and will be available in late September.

May 20, 2013

MTSC FIGURE OF THE WEEK #28: East German Rubber Figures

Do you ever wonder what the kids played with in Stasi-land? Well this is it. Just behind the Iron Curtain the young boys of East Germany gird their loins and steeled their resolve with toy soldiers like these. Made of rubber (or a rubber-like substance) these commie figures were produced in the 1960s-’70s. Note the accurate camouflage and well defined AK47s. So cool and so deserving of our Figure of the Week.

Now at MTSC: The Complete Army Painter Warpaints Acrylic Paint Range as separate pots/bottles

The Army Painter Mega Paint set and their Warpaints boxed set have gone down very well with you and now you can get hold of the entire line as separate pots/bottles at MTSC!  Warpaints is an 36 color, acrylic paint range specifically designed to compliment both the Army Painter Color primer sprays and the Quickshade dips. It has used the best suppliers for each type of paint (Colors, Metallics and Inks) and so is unparalleled quality. It comes in full 18ml. dropper bottles enabling you to administer the exact amounts of paint you need, without having to open the lid all the time – thus avoiding the paint to dry out. The bottles are color coded to help you out: The White caps are the paints. The Red caps are the Quickshade Inks that match the Quickshades of the same name and the Black caps are the Metallics. Also, some of the Warpaints will be marked with a "100% Match". These colors match the color spray primers and can be used as touchups or for other uses matching the Army Painter Spray Primer Colors.

May 19, 2013

New at MichToy Linear-B 1/72 Scale Plastic Figures

Linear-B 1/72 scale plastic figures (imported from Germany) are commissioned by Linear-B and manufactured by Strelets for exclusive distribution by Linear-B. The first several releases cover the unique Ancient Roman daily life and also includes two sets covering the Spartacus Uprising. Expected sometime this summer, Linear-B is working on a new set entitled 'Henry VIII Tudors', which which will launch a new collection of elite renaissance civilian figures.

Linear-B Now Available at MTSC
LNR-002 Roman Port 
LNR-003 Roman Tavern 
LNR-004 Roman Construction 
LNR-005 Roman Valetudinarium (Hospital) 
LNR-006 Spartacus Uprising Defeat 
LNR-007 Roman Legion on the March 
LNR-116 Roman Transport 1 
LNR-M072 Roman Market 
LNR-M073 Spartacus Uprising

May 16, 2013

American Uncivil War Now at MTSC!

We are now stocking the American Uncivil War, straight out of the pages of History AND the silver screens of Hollywood! Inspired by the films of John Ford and classics like Gone with the Wind, The Horse Soldiers, The Great Locomotive Chase, and Shenandoah, American Uncivil War captures the spirit of these films with miniature games staged on the fringes of the American Civil War. Spies, raiders, foraging parties, missions behind enemy lines, bushwhackers, deserters and a host of other scenarios can be played out. It’s a role-playing skirmish game with figures overflowing with character and it puts a whole new spin on gaming this period.

The initial release includes:
AOW-AUW011 American Uncivil War Rulebook 
AOW-AUW001 Damn Dirty Yankees 
AOW-AUW002 Sons of the South 
AOW-AUW003 Blown by the Breeze 
AOW-AUW004 Ragged Rebels Skirmishing 
AOW-AUW005 Ragged Rebels Marching 
AOW-AUW007 Fearless Federalists 
AOW-AUW008 Despicable Deserters
AOW-AUW009 Saw Bones and Medics 
AOW-AUW010 Union Skirmishers with Repeaters 
View and Order Here


May 11, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK 11may2013: Moms Everywhere!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday so who else could be our figure of the week besides moms everywhere, and I just want to wish each and everyone of you a very happy day, because with out moms, I wouldn’t be selling and playing with toys. 

When Getting Bummed Out Is A Good Thing!

Time to get Bum(med) out!! We have no less then 23 new BUM 1/72nd scale sets now in transit from Spain and due in early June. Listed & available for Pre Order now, save 15% on the regular retail price and be assured of receiving these limited edition releases. 

Barcelona Universal Models or BUM figures are imported from Spain and cover a wide range of historical periods in 1/72nd scale not found anywhere else. BUM releases sets under several series names including BUM, Men-Sword, Pobeda-Victory and GerMan. BUM sets are produced in very small quanities of between 50-150 sets and offer unique diorama accents, vehicles and figures. 

May 10, 2013

Scale75 June Releases Announced

Scale75 of Spain continues to release amazing kits with incredible sculpting. June sees the release of the 3rd ScaleColor paint sets, this one for Flesh. These paints are growing popularity due in part to their dead matt finish and multi-use features. June also holds the release of the second figure in the Sci-Fi Fallen Frontiers series and the Platinum Series adds a beautiful Mohawk Militia figure to round out the month's offerings. 

View & Order Here

TGIF! Go Old School this weekend and visit your local hobby Shop! Support Brick & Mortar Stores.

"The Monster Korner" in a New Jersey hobby shop from 1964. Rich Palmer ran the nation's largest volume hobby shop in Parsippany, New Jersey. Aurora hired him to organize its Monster Customizing Contest in 1964. Aurora received national television attention when the CBS Evening News visited his shop. Walter Cronkite and Palmer held a conversation in the "Monster Korner" of the store. Big Frankie occupies the top shelf in the Monster Korner.

Minairon MIniatures Now Michigan Toy Soldier Company

We are please to announce that we are now carrying the Minairons MIniatures model kit line. Minairons hails from Spain and is issuing kits in 1/72nd scale, 1/100th Scale (15mm) and soon will venture into 1/56th Scale (28mm). All the offerings right now are geared to the Spanish Civil War but the kits come with markings for other countries such as Germany, Findland and Turkey so these can be used for other conflicts that these vehicles were used in. View & Order Here:

Now Available: 
1/72nd Scale 
MXM-7202 Panzer I Ausf A Tank (3) - Spanish Civil War, Early WWII German or Kuomintang Chinese 
MXM-7203 T26A/B Light Tank (2) - Soviet, Finnish, Turkish and Spanish 

15mm (.6 inches or 1/100 Scale) 
MXM-1502 Panzer I Ausf A Tank (5) - Spanish Civil War, Early WWII German or Kuomintang Chinese 
MXM-1503 Spanish Civil War: Bilbao Armored Car (4)

May 08, 2013

BVG = Before Video Games

Alien Dungeon launches KickStarter campaign for All Quiet on the Martian Front

As a WWI buff, All Quiet on the Martian Front looks to be a really cool game with WWI inspired tanks, vehicles and soldiers. If you haven't heard of AQMF it is a new 15mm scale sci-fi battle game that plays out the second Martian War and breathes new life into the classic earth invasion tale. Set in WW I era of the twentieth century humanity uses tanks, artillery, and never before seen technology to defend Earth from the Martian invaders. The Martians use advanced war machines, human zombie-like slaves, gas warfare, and worse to eliminate all humanity from the Earth. It is tanks vs. tripods, big guns vs. heat rays, and incredible heroics vs. emotionless eradication across the tattered and entrenched landscape of America. Developed by world famous game designers Alessio Cavatore, Ernie Baker, and Rick Priestley (creator of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k) All Quiet on the Martian Front is guaranteed to deliver fresh and exciting game play! KickStarter campaign for All Quiet on the Martian Front

Plastic Soldier Company unveils 'Warsprays' a range of WWII spray paints

Plastic Soldier Company are delighted to unveil a new range of WWII spray paints. The high quality Warsprays range has been carefully developed and researched in association with Kvasir Innovations (the guys behind The Army Painter) for WWII gamers and modellers. The range launches with five armor sprays and four infantry uniform sprays, to accurately portray tank and vehicle base colors and infantry uniforms. 400ml cans
PSC-SP001 Tank Spray- Late War German Dunkelgelb  
PSC-SP002  Tank Spray- Early War German Panzer Grey 
PSC-SP003 Tank Spray- Russian 
PSC-SP004 Tank Spray- British
PSC-SP005 Tank Spray- U.S. 
PSC-SP006 Infantry Spray- German Field Grey 
PSC-SP007 Infantry Spray- Russian Uniform 
PSC-SP008 Infantry Spray- British Khaki  
PSC-SP009 Infantry Spray- U.S. Olive Drab

May 03, 2013

A Call to Arms Back from The Dead?

A Call to Arms have released details on their first new 1/72nd scale set in eight years. Entitled "British Infantry of the 1970s", these appear to be copies of old Britains Deetail 1/32 scale figures. look for this set over summer. You may pre order it by Clicking Here

Sneak Peek- Linear-B's First 1/72 Scale Set for the Renaissance

Linear-B from Germany who have issued a series of 1/72 scale sets depicting Roman life and the Spartacus Uprising through Strelets are moving into the Renaissance with the first set being of Henry VIII Tudor. As these sneak peeks show it looks as though the sculpting in much improved and similar in style to Valemar. No release info yet. 

May 02, 2013

Stop the Presses! Andrea MIniatures Press To Unleash Three New Titles in May

Andrea has no less then three great new books coming out in May. 

First we have...
 AP047 Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain, 1948-1978 (English & Spanish Editions)
• Limited Edition of 300 Copies
• Hardback deluxe edition
• Size 300mm x 300mm (12" x 12")
• Text in English
• 636 pages.
• More than 7.000 figures from Reamsa, Jecsan to premium plastic figures, Box Art, original ads, etc

Next we have
AP048 Deutsche Luftwaffe, 1935-1945. Uniforms and Equipment of the German Airforce (English)
A comprehensive study of the uniforms and flight equipment used by the Luftwaffe personnel from 1935 to 1945.
• Luxury edition.
• Hard Back
• 360 pages

and for figure painters we get
AP049 Andrea Press Painting Gold Award Fantasy Figure (English)
A complete guide for basic to advanced fantasy figures.
More Details Soon!

You can View & Order these now by Clicking Here

May 01, 2013

New Look for Miniatures Wargames Magazine

Miniature Wargames Magazine has a new look and now incorporates Battlegames magazine under the new name Miniatures Wargames with Battlegames. Published continuously since 1983, Miniature Wargames is the world’s best-selling independent wargames magazine. View Issue 361

A cool article in the latest issue is Zinnkrieg! The allure of two-dimensional gaming using 30mm German flats or Zinnfiguren. "you want old school? I give you old school!" Guardian footie columnist and much-loved Achtung Schweinehund! author Harry Pearson reveals his passion for German flats and the search for the ultimate set of old school rules to use them. 

We here at MTSC are very partial to Flats as we are the exclusive retailer for Two Trees Miniatures. Have a Look at our Two Trees listings