March 24, 2013


There's only one possible scenario in which this picture could have come to exist: The photographers were getting ready to shoot this ad when they realized that the boy who was supposed to be holding up the models in the picture never showed up for work. Panicking, the man from the ad agency looked around the studio. "Dmitri, can you come here for a second?" "Stand here and hold this model. Yes, that's great. Look at that childlike innocence in his face."

March 23, 2013

Product Spotlight: Scale Model Handbook Figure Modeling 6

This is the Sixth Edition in the excellent Scale Model Handbook Series by Mr. Black Publications, a series of modelling books dedicated to miniature figures. Again, they've varied the themes and historical periods of the subjects and presented more sculpting and painting techniques. Imported from Greece. View & Order Here

In this issue:
- How to Paint a Mounted Figure
Using Vlad Dracul The Impaler - 75mm (Pegaso Models, 75-906) as an example - 14 pages

- How To Paint a Realistic Face on a 1/10 Scale Bust
Using the War Photographer 1971, Vietnam - 180mm by Life Miniatures, LM-B001 as an example - 6 pages

- Sculpting a 120mm Figure for Commercial Casting
Using General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery - 120mm (Sculpting for Tartar Miniatures, TR120-38) as an example - 6 pages

- Figure Conversion Using Commercial Parts
Using The Royal Hungarian Army Zrinyi SPG Crewman - 50mm (The Bodi 35033 & Head 35018) as an example - 6 pages

- How To Paint a Large Scale Face Using Artists Oils
Using Waffen SS Panzer Crewman (Head) - 180mm (Young Miniatures YM1806) as an example - 2 pages

- How to Create a Realistic 54mm Vignette with Scratch Built Figures
Using Fujita’s Dinner as an example - 6 pages

- Painting a Figure using 'An Oriented Source of Light'
Using From Hell: “Jack the Ripper” - 75mm (Scale 75, SCN-003) as an example - 7 pages


Toys in the Attic - Mattel Vac-U-Form

Without a doubt one of the coolest toys of the 60s was the Vac-u-form. I don't how many hours were spent making absolutely useless crap on this thing. The Vac-u-form, was a toy made by Mattel. Based on the industrial process of vacuum forming, a rectangular piece of plastic was clamped in a holder and heated over a metal plate. When the plastic was soft, the holder was swung to the other side, over a mold of the object to be formed. Then pressing a handle on the side of the unit created a vacuum, sucking the plastic down over the mold and shaping it to it. When the plastic cooled it solidified, making an impression of the item. Various molds came with the kit, but almost any small object could be used as a mold. Because very hot surfaces were easily accessible to a child (or adult) playing with the toy, it probably could not be sold today due to safety restrictions.

March 22, 2013

The AK Interactive 2013 Catalogue is now available as a free download

The AK Interactive Catalogue is now available as a free download. The catalogue includes extensive step by step guides and other useful information as well as the entire range of Ak products. 58 full color pages. Download By Clicking Here

March 21, 2013

Product Spotlight: Military Illustrated Modeller Magazine

We highly recommend Military Illustrated Modeller magazine. MIM sets a new standard for quality model publications for serious modellers.The finest models and modellers make Military Illustrated Modeller a must have for the serious enthusiast. With 12 issues per year, alternating each month between Military Vehicles and Aircraft subjects Military Illustrated Modeller becomes a vital resource and reference publication that all modellers will want to collect.

- High quality paper and production
- Perfect bound book ‘feel’
- Respected Editorial team of Brett Green and Marcus Nicholls
- Highest quality photography.
- Exclusive insights to modelling techniques.
- Each 'build' article has a complete list of all items used within the article.
- Excellent reference articles using both modern and period images. 

LINK OF THE WEEK 19march2013 Center for Civil War Photography

The Center for Civil War Photography is an excellent site for researching Civil War subjects in original photographs. The CCWP is a non-profit organization devoted to one of the most exciting and compelling areas of Civil War scholarship and discovery. New photographic finds from our nation's greatest conflict are still being made on a regular basis. Nearly every Civil War soldier had his photograph taken by one of the more than 5,000 American photographers active at the time, and a select group of documentary photographers took thousands of images on the battlefields and in the army camps, often in 3D.

Within this site you will find basic and complex information about Civil War photography and its practioners, as well as reproductions of many war photos. You can also see information about the CCWP and how you can help. There's also a page of handy links to other online Civil War photography resources. Click Here to Visit The Center for Civil War Photography

March 16, 2013

Neat Apps From Airfix - Airfix Tanks & Dogfight

Airfix has put out two neat Apps for smartphones. Airfix Tanks and Airfix Dogfight. Both come in free Lite versions or the more robust full versions for .99 each. If you like fast action point of view war games, Airfix Tanks will keep you alert and on the move. The fast moving action takes place in arenas – the more battles you win, the more levels you unlock and the fighting continues on. In Airfix Dogfight you take to the skies in classic Airfix model planes. You can fly everything from WWI fighters to modern superjets. Battle enemy fighters in mid-air dogfights, or use your missles and machine guns against land based targets. Airfix Tanks and Dogfight are 3D games you can play on your iPhone or Android Phone wherever you are, whenever you like – tweaking your war skills to beat the enemy. Find them in the App store for your smartphone. 

March 15, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company Unleashes WWII Late War US Infantry & WWII German Pak 38 sets.

March Madness from the UK! PSC has released three new 1/72nd scale sets and one 15mm set.

15mm (compatible with Flames of War!)
WW2 015006 Late War US Infantry 1944-45 

1/72nd Scale
WW2 020006 Late War US Infantry 1944-45 (57) 
WW2 G20003 German Pak38 Anti-Tank Gusn & Crews 
WW2 V20010 German Panzer III G,H Tank

War of 1812 Highlights Latest Armies In Plastic Releases

Two conflicts that are over looked by toy soldier manufactures get the Armies in Plastic treatment. AIP adds to their existing sets from The War of 1812 and The Spanish American War with five new releases along with five more sets from WWI and the Boxer Rebellion. AIP offer great value, cover obscure conflicts and armies and are great for school projects. 

March AIP Releases:
AIP-5609 WWI French Canadian (C.E.F.) 22nd Battalion-Infantry
AIP-5611 Spanish American War 1898 - Cuban Insurrectos
AIP-5612 Spanish American War 1898 - Spanish Regular Infantry - Spanish Army
AIP-5613 Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1905 - Japanese Army - Summer Dress
AIP-5614 Boxer Rebellion - Japanese Army - Winter Dress
AIP-5615 WWI - Japanese Army - Khaki Dress
AIP-5616 War of 1812 - American Army
AIP-5617 War of 1812 - British Army - Waterloo 1815
AIP-5618 War of 1812 American Army Battle of Chippawa

View them Here

March 14, 2013

NEW at MichToy Apoxie Sculpt Super White

Original Apoxie Sculpt is one of our all time best selling products and we have recently added Apoxie Sculpt Super White to our selectionApoxie Sculpt SW combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! It has a firm/fine grain consistency & super white color that allows more details to be seen. Snappy set-up (1 hour) self-hardens (No Baking); cures rock hard to a smooth, semi-gloss finish in 24 hrs. Great for sculpting, bonding, and filling. Excellent resin compatibility; adheres to most clean surfaces including resin, plastic, glass, fiberglass, wood, metals and more! Super White color offers a crisp white base that’s great for embellishing. Accepts paints, stains, mica powders & more for a variety of finishing options. View it Here

It's features include;
• Enhanced detailing & Impressions
• Smooth finish
• More resin capabilities
• Super strong, waterproof & permanent
• Firm feel for modeling & tooling
• Semi-gloss finish 
• Super White body
• Self-hardening, 2-part product (A & B) must be mixed thoroughly.
• Snappy Set-up, Working time is about 1 hour, cures hard overnight (24 hr. full cure)
• 0% Shrinkage
• Strongly adheres to almost any clean surface . . . including resin, ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastics, stone, wood, and more!
• Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, carved, drilled, tapped, lathed or otherwise tooled after!
• Non-hazardous, non-flammable; no solvents or fumes. 
• Easy clean-up with Aves® Safety Solvent or soap & water. 

(Moving) PICTURE OF THE WEEK 06march2013

Kingwood Studios presents "Bridge Battle." The Germans make a last ditch effort to win the war by capturing a vital bridge defended by U.S. Marines. This stop action film includes 3500 digital pictures and lots of blood and guts. View on You Tube

March 12, 2013

Toys in the Attic Marx Giant Blue & Gray Battle Set

My Dad, whose is now 91, and Mom gave me a giant set of Civil War toy soldiers for Christmas back in 1962. It was the 54mm Marx Giant Blue & Gray playset which I believe they bought at the local Montgomery Wards store, which my Mom frequented in those long ago days. As a kid I played with them extensively and lost parts of the set in my outdoor “wargaming” activities. Each year thereafter I couldn't wait for the Sears or 'Monkey Wards' toy catalogs to arrive so I could carefully plan out my playset requests for Santa that year. I still have the set although it has been extensively rebuilt over the years.  

Have a favorite toy from the past?  Send it to us with a brief description and reason it's your favorite and we will post it here.

New Grassmats from JTT Scenics

New here at MichToy, these innovative, multipurpose landscape details are remarkably adaptable. You'll find flowers, grass, and other vegetation. They complement various terrain including meadows, plains and pastures. Each 5" X 7" sheet can be torn or cut to the exact size you need and shaped to regular or irregular contours. The smooth, flexible material fits into various terrain areas and can be easily glued to your layout. You can also remove individual tufts and use them throughout your landscaping. Currently there are six different mats to chose from. View them here

March 06, 2013

25+ Sets Coming from Valdemar (1/72nd Scale Medieval) This April

We have just listed 25+ sets coming from Valdemar this April including 9 new weapon sets. Valdemar produces beautifully sculpted and cast 1/72nd scale medieval figures in white metal covering all areas of medieval life from combat to everyday life. View and pre-order (@15% savings) these new sets by clicking here

Classic Historical & Military Images: WWI German Soldiers - Good Eatin' Tonight!

March 05, 2013

LINK OF THE WEEK 05march2013 Tony Mattelian's Scale Model Index

Check out Tony Mattelian's Scale Model Index. Billed as providing links to 3849 Scale Model Related Sites. The Oldest and the Best - 16 years and counting. This site has thousands of modeling links to clubs, tips & techniques, reference and other forums.

Price Drop on Victrix & Perry Plastic Figure Sets

We have new lower pricing Victrix & Perry Miniatures plastic figure sets.  With better prices from a new distributor we are passing the savings on to our customers. Remember if you are a registered customer and logged in you get an extra 10% off these new lower prices.