December 30, 2012

FIGURE OF THE WEEK 28dec2012: The Sultan by C.B.G. Mignot of France

The Sultan by C.B.G. Mignot of France, circa 1950s, Solid Lead 54mm Figure
This week’s offering comes from the French maker C.B.G. Mignot. We choose this figure for the last week before the New Year because he is all dressed up and ready for the New Years Eve party and sports the one of the greatest party hats ever.

Mignot is the oldest toy soldier company still in operation. Known as Mignot to the English speaking world, it's known in France as C.B.G only or "Cebege". Partners Cuperly, Blondel and Gerbau trademarked the name C.B.G. in 1872. In 1875 they produced the first 55mm fully round figure for the market. The company has been producing figures in this scale ever since. 

December 22, 2012

Picture of the Week 20dec2012

Tis the season and so we find these three fine soldiers getting into the spirit. Gathered around a tree, they decorate it with bulbs, bows, bells and Spongebob!

Link of the Week 19dec2012 - Planet Figure

planetFigure is a community built around miniature painters, sculptors and collectors for the enthusiastic modeller and collector. here you will find useful tips and advice from sculptors and painters and a forum for discussion on any modelling-related topic.   

MichToy Tip of The Week: Primer for Soft Plastic Figures

Plastic Primer Perfect for Soft Plastic Figures

Painting soft plastic figures can be a challenge. The paint tends to flake or chip off, especially around flexible parts like rifles and swords. Over the years we have tried many different methods and products and the one we have had the most success with is Rust-Oleum Specialty Plastic Primer. Priming your figures with this before painting provides flexibility and offers superior paint adhesion on all types of plastics, perfect for use on soft plastic figures. The primer dries to a matte white finish and can be followed with any topcoat. The oil-based formula dries in as little as 20 minutes and can cover an area of up to 15 sq. ft.

Rust-Oleum Specialty Plastic Primer is a
Best Seller -  MichToy Recommended Product 

December 14, 2012

Picture of the Week 14dec2012

This better be a Warlord Games Bolt Action Assault on Normandy Starter Set!

Well doggies! I can see that Scale Model Addict Magazine I asked for from here!

Miss Hathaway: Most places do something for their employees at this time of year. 
Mr. Drysdale: Well, I've given them Christmas Day off. 
Jane Hathaway: Chief, most banks even give a holiday bonus. 
Mr. Drysdale: I've already thought of that. 
Miss Hathaway: You have? 
Mr. Drysdale: Just this morning I said to myself, 'Milburn, you've got to give those loyal employees of yours a Christmas bonus.' 
Miss Hathaway: But, Chief, that's extraordinary! 
Mr. Drysdale: I thought so, too. Fortunately, a cold shower brought me to my senses. 

Link of the Week 014dec2012 - KITMAKER NETWORK

Our link of the week for December 14th th goes to Kit Makers Network. With over 50000 registered members, the KitMaker Network is one of the largest communities of scale modeling enthusiasts on the Internet. The network features six different on-line communities dedicated to scale modeling of all sorts.

Within the network is, an interactive community with over 50,000 registered users from all over the world. This site was built with the goal of providing a fun place for model builders to relax, share information and generally have a good time.With over 10,000 unique visitors daily and over 2 million page views every month, is one of the most active hobbyist sites on the Internet. This site promotes a friendly and open forum for users to share their know-how, and also discover ways to build more satisfying models. 

Historicus Forma, a site in the KitMaker Network, is an interactive community site with over 50,000 registered users. This site was launched in June of 2006, but was originally the figure modeling section of Armorama This site has become as much  an online hub for scale model miniaturists and figure makers as Armorama has become for other military scale modeling projects. 

ModelGeek, part of the KitMaker Network was launched in May of 2006, but was originally the sci-fi/other modeling section of Armorama, one of the biggest scale modeling sites on the Internet. The plan is for this new site to become as much an online hub for sci-fi and other genre builders as Armorama has become for other military scale modeling projects. 

December 12, 2012


Looks like this Santa traded in his eight tiny reindeer for one big honkin' gun and two ever so helpful, er, helpers. Those are 1:72 scale Preiser figures on top of a Dragon Armor M1A1 Abrams. Will Santa Clause come tonight? You bet!


Steve’s pick for Figure of the Week is this contented little fellow from the Revell company of Germany. HO (1:87) in scale he stands tall in accomplishment of a job well done. His thumbs squarely tucked under his overall straps he is picture of back-woods self reliance. Word is he was manufactured sometime in the 1960s and was probably used in many a German train modeler’s mount-side layout.

December 08, 2012

New Plastic Toy Soldier Book Coming This Winter

Andrea Press is releasing an all new version of Plastic Toy Figures Made In Spain Book 1948-1978 By Juan Hermida. 

This fantastic book was released in Spain several years ago and sold out very quickly. Updated and translated into English by Andrea Press this very limited edition book is a must have for any collectors of vintage plastic toy soldiers. Retailing for $100-120.00 we will post pre order details as soon as pricing is finalized.

The product particulars are:
Andrea Press AP-46
Plastic Toy Figures Made In Spain Book 1948-1978
By Juan Hermida
Hardback deluxe English edition
Size 12 x 12 inch
More than 600 pages
More than 7000 figures featured from Reamsa,
Jecsan to premium plastic figures, boxes art, original
ads and much more.

Link of the Week 07decv2012 Vintage Toys for Boys

Came across this great collection of vintage toys for boys posted on Pinterest with lots of toy soldiers featured.  Vintage Toys

Decisions Decisions

Hmmm...I wonder if I put this on my Christmas list?